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100 Days until GDPR

With the clock ticking down to GDPR, we ask the technology industry for their advice.

For advice from Lansafe follow the link below.


Firms buy insurance ‘in mad panic’ as cyber-attacks soar

Cyber insurance is growing fast as businesses lose billions to hackers. 


Top 10 Tips To Keep You Safe From Hackers


BT Outage Affects UK Business:

Daily Mail Press Release 21st July 2016


G Fast Broadband is on the way:

17th March 2016 Update – G Fast Broadband


ISDN to be de-commissioned:

SIP For The Future………

“2025 might seem a long way off but with millions of customers to migrate and little further investment in the existing ISDN lines likely to take place, switching to more sophisticated SIP technology’s should be a priority for businesses. A recent survey revealed that a shocking 67% of IT managers don’t know what SIP is, despite its status as the next big shift in telecoms.

 SIP Trunking is a powerful, scalable and high flexible solution that helps businesses to streamline their communication costs and resources. Around call capacity and location. The fact is that it delivers ‘virtual’ phone lines rather than physical wires that are carried over the data circuit means SIP is highly scalable and calls are typically 40% cheaper than traditional ISDN lines.

 But it’s not just the cost savings that make SIP such an attractive proposition it also offers a level of flexibility that traditional ISDN simply can’t compete with. As workforces continue to gravitate towards more flexible working patterns, the demand for office solutions on the move is only going to increase over the next ten years.” – Comms Business Magazine.


BT apologises after nationwide broadband failures:

BT Broadband Down 2nd February 2016 –


Clarity for businesses baffled by broadband speeds:

Ofcom press release 26th Jan 2016 –

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